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CCMT2020Theme | used "focus - digital, Internet, smart"
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The arrival of the 5g era has brought information and communication technology to a new height, and constantly promoted the fourth industrial revolution to a new height, and promoted the further development of the digital economy. Ccmt2018 defines the theme of the exhibition as "focus - digital, Internet and intelligent manufacturing", which highly summarizes the characteristics and development trend of the global machine tool manufacturing industry in the future. Today, digital, Internet and intelligent manufacturing are still the focus of the global machine tool manufacturing industry, and the ccmt2020 (the 11th China CNC machine tool exhibition), which will be held on April 7-11, 2020, is still along the way Use this exhibition theme. With the progress of the times and the development of technology, the theme has been given new connotation and new height.
Focus on Digitalization -- the foundation of intelligent manufacturing
Digitalization is the foundation of future industry and Internet manufacturing. In the face of the arrival of the digital manufacturing era, the global machine tool industry complies with the trend of the development of the times and has launched a series of new technologies and products. These technologies and products have distinct characteristics of digital production equipment, complete and advanced network scheme, powerful communication function, flexible and compatible openness and rich application software. They realize the transformation of CNC system from "machine controller" to "digital manufacturing controller", and the transformation of CNC machine from "manufacturing machine" to "Digital unit".
In this context, the world-famous CNC system providers use the unique advantages and experience accumulated in CNC technology for a long time to drive the whole industry to set off a new round of technical storm, and constantly enrich the supply of new products in the field of CNC software. Digital intelligent manufacturing technology, specialized products and customized services, automation and unmanned technology emerge one after another, and have launched intelligent solutions for digital chemical plants to help customers jointly promote the construction and development of digital chemical plants from both hard and soft aspects. In high-end CNC system, factory digitization and customized processing solutions for users, Chinese machine tool enterprises have made many efforts and attempts, and made progress in some areas.
Focus on interconnection (Network) -- the way of intelligent manufacturing
One of the important premises of intelligent manufacturing is the interconnection of devices. As early as 2006, AMT proposed MT connect protocol for the interconnection of machine tools. Today, some breakthroughs have been made in connectivity technology. Artificial intelligence, blockchain, industrial Internet of things and platform mode are changing the rules of the game in the manufacturing industry. The German machine tool manufacturers association has established a universal interface umati for machine tool equipment, which can connect machine tools and equipment seamlessly into the IT ecosystem of the user end.
China Machine Tool Industry Association attaches great importance to the research and application of CNC machine tool interconnection communication protocol standard. In May 2016, the association took the lead in setting up NC link alliance, aiming to develop international advanced level NC machine tool interconnection communication protocol standards based on the demand of intelligent manufacturing. After 3 years of efforts, more than 20 times of standard content revision, more than 10 times of technical architecture adjustment, in 2019, NC link was initially formed and applied in multiple intelligent factories for verification. At cimt2019 and emo 2019, NC link participated in the exhibition in the form of independent exhibition area or stand.
5g will bring explosive growth of the Internet of things, which provides new assistance for the in-depth development of intelligent manufacturing. As the product of the deep integration of the new generation of information and communication technology and modern industrial technology, industrial Internet has become an important carrier of digitalization, networking and intelligence in manufacturing industry, the hub of all industrial elements and the core of industrial resource allocation. The construction of industrial Internet platform in 5g era coincides with that of China Machine Tool Industry Association. Based on the promotion and application of NC link, China Machine Tool Industry Association is actively building industrial Internet platform in mobile bed tool industry, so as to effectively integrate the industry platform into the national industrial Internet system, discover and tap the collaborative value of "machine tool + Internet" and empower the machine tool industry.
Focus on Intelligent Manufacturing -- development direction of manufacturing industry
With the support and promotion of digitalization and interconnection technology, the prospect of realizing intelligent manufacturing is increasingly clear, that is, building digital assets on the basis of providing high-performance products, realizing information interconnection, and improving the intelligent level of manufacturing industry. Machine intelligent technology processes the random factors such as environment, processing object, processing requirements, processing process and equipment itself through sensing and multi information fusion technology, so as to obtain the height that traditional control technology has not reached in terms of quality, efficiency, efficiency and safety.
Intelligent technology is the commanding point of modern automatic control technology and the new important factor of product competitiveness. The transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing will inevitably generate new development momentum and drive the progress of technology in the whole industry. Many domestic and foreign enterprises take the initiative to seize the opportunity, and the intelligent construction of machine tool industry has been fruitful. Ccmt2020 will comprehensively display the cutting-edge digital and intelligent products and technologies of machine tool industry through a complete product portfolio and interactive display cases, and help visitors deeply understand how intelligent solutions will help users achieve higher production efficiency, better product quality, shorter product time to market, more flexible production organization mode, etc.
Mao Yufeng, executive vice president of China Machine Tool Industry Association, said that the current machine tool field should be oriented to digitalization on the basis of high-quality products(